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About Bad Ace


Bad Ace Vapor is a new vapor shop in Rockwall, Texas.


We offer a casino style area with a large selection of e-Liquid flavors to sample at the bar or at the poker tables while watching your favorite TV show.


The shop features bling for the ladies and a “Man Cave” with mods and accessories for the men, plus a drive-thru for that quick pick up on your way to or from work.


Our Story


My wife and I have lived in Texas, specifically Rockwall County, since 2007. We both smoked cigarettes, one pack a day each, over the past 25 years.


We have four wonderful children that have been growing up in a household where their parents both smoked.


My wife and I knew this was bad for us and, more importantly, didn’t want our children to be exposed to the second hand smoke, or start experimenting with cigarettes.


I have spent thousands of dollars over the years smoking and attempting to quit by trying every prescription and over-the-counter “guaranteed quit smoking” program available.

One day...


One day I decided to purchase a “super deluxe” electronic cigarette kit online. It cost me over $200.00 (I won’t mention any names.)


I was so excited when I received the kit and knew this was going to help me in my quest, I ripped open the box and started on my journey to the electronic cigarette world. By the way, I never smoked or purchased another cigarette again and never looked back.


So, I begged my wife to try it and told her that I would buy her the best kit available if she switched to electric. Guess what? She said sure, “get me one of those thingies” (Great, my big mouth just cost me more money).

Long story short


we decided to purchase her an e-cig kit locally.


We went to a vapor store North of Dallas (again, no names), and that trip cost me around $300, ouch! But it was and will always be, the best $300 I have ever spent on my wife.


After using our first e-cigarette kits, I became very interested in how the system worked and what the components of the liquids included. I spent hours surfing the web learning what, why, and how the e-cigs and liquids were made. I began making my own liquids and experimenting in the world of e-cig flavors which ultimately turned into a weekend hobby of mine.

My wife was my biggest fan and customer


She even started convincing her friends to try her e-cig with my e-liquids. That’s when it began.


My wife and her friends began requesting specific flavors, specific Nic, PG & VG ratios.


I was having fun making the e-liquids but it started to feel like I had a second job.


Then it hit us, “we need to open a vapor shop!” But not just any vapor shop, we wanted one that was truly different than any other vapor store around. I wanted it to be completely unique and have the most awesome looking store in the DFW area.


After a lot of long nights with the family and longer weekends working on the store, I think we accomplished it. What do you think? Please leave a comment on this website.


On a weekly basis we get entrepreneurs who are looking to open new stores and owners from other vapor shops simply stopping by to check out or setup, décor, and operations for their own design cues.


Self employed (20 plus years)


I have been self employed most of my life (20 plus years) and love dealing with people.


I have learned over my life that superior customer service, honest owners and staffing, along with a cool product that’s healthier than the other version would sell itself.


Well, guess what? It does. Business has been great and we have been getting the best support from the people of Rockwall and surrounding cities. This is truly living the American Dream and we will always provide the best customer service, highest quality products in the Rockwall and surrounding areas.


Bad Ace Vapor is 100% family owned and operated. We are not a franchise or affiliated with any other partnership. Our family resides in Rockwall County (we always have) and our youngest children attend RISD schools. We are the local owned store trying to look like the big corporations with a family atmosphere.


Last thing: In case you were wondering. Yes, my wife quit analog cigarettes the first day we bought her starter kit.



Looking to quit smoking?

  E-Cigarettes provide nicotine adjustment capabilities

                 that can wean you off cigarettes all together.


2309 S. Goliad Suite 101

Rockwall, Texas 75032

United States