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One day...


One day I decided to purchase a “super deluxe” electronic cigarette kit online. It cost me over $200.00 (I won’t mention any names.)


I was so excited when I received the kit and knew this was going to help me in my quest, I ripped open the box and started on my journey to the electronic cigarette world. By the way, I never smoked or purchased another cigarette again and never looked back.

Many people are now at least aware of the huge electronic cigarette industry that's been growing rapidly the past few years. A quick search online produces tons of web sites proclaiming the best e-cigarette and newest flavor. We're sure it's overwhelming to most consumers!


While we, at Bad Ace Vapor, also have an online presence, we also maintain a physical location in nearby Rockwall. We're talking about less then 10 minutes away.



Why Visit Bad Ace Vapor?


With so many sites and e-cigarette dealers, making a decision can be difficult. Practically ight down the street from Fate, Texas, you can visit our store and view everything in person – which is much different then looking at pictures online. Any questions you have can be answered on the spot and in person by someone familiar and knowledgeable with everything in the store.


What if there are problems or issues with your purchase? You could ether pack it up and ship it back and go through the whole online search process again, or you could simply drive back to the store and take care of it in a few minutes. Our store offers the convenience of being your neighbor. We have many customers order from our site from much further away because of our reputation for quality. The residents of Fate, Texas have the advantage of living within a very short drive from our store.



Come and Visit Us!


Of course, once you've bought from us and know what you like, feel free to place future orders through our site for your convenience. If you have any questions, please call us or just stop by our store and meet us.



2309 S. Goliad Suite 101

Rockwall, Texas 75032

United States