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One day...


One day I decided to purchase a “super deluxe” electronic cigarette kit online. It cost me over $200.00 (I won’t mention any names.)


I was so excited when I received the kit and knew this was going to help me in my quest, I ripped open the box and started on my journey to the electronic cigarette world. By the way, I never smoked or purchased another cigarette again and never looked back.

If you're looking for ecigarette products you could buy them online, but what if you want personal service? Or maybe you'd like to try before you buy. Here at Bad Ace Vapor, our Rockwall, Texas location is just a short drive from the Wylie area. You can come right over and enjoy our casino-style store and sample bar.


Why Drive to Rockwall from Wylie?


By making the short drive from Wylie Texas, you can sit at the bar and try the different flavors, or sample those same flavors while at the poker tables. The TV's always tuned to something great to watch, and you can socialize with other ecigarette aficionados, too. There's a great man cave and plenty of bling for the ladies, so you'll get what you're looking for no matter what style you like.


In a Hurry to Get Home?


Don't worry if you can't stay a long time. If you're passing through Rockwall on your way to or from Wylie Texas, you can go through our convenient drive-thru and make your purchase without the need to come inside. Not sure what you want? Come on in and take a quick look at our selection. We promise to serve you efficiently and get you back on your way with the ecigarette flavors and accessories you're looking for.


There's no reason to buy online and not be sure of what you're getting, when you can make a short trip just down the road to check out all your options and get what you really want.


2309 S. Goliad Suite 101

Rockwall, Texas 75032

United States